Monday, October 19, 2009

Green by Ted Dekker

Green, by Ted Dekker, is the beginning and the end of the Circle Series. Book 0. At first, I was doubtful. How could one book start and finish a series? I’m still not exactly sure, but Green did! Picking up where White left off and leaving off where Black picks up, Green completes the series. It pulls in the Circle Series, the Paradise Series, and the Lost Book Series providing answers to questions that Dekker fan’s have. It has been ten years of running and hiding for the Circle of albinos. The Horde has relentlessly threatened them and even killed people to prove their hatred for Elyon’s loyal lovers. Samuel of Hunter, Thomas Hunter’s son, is ready to do something about it. Wage war on the Horde. Thomas and his wife Chelise try to convince the dividing Circle that killing Horde would only bring more violence and even fewer Scabs would join them. Thomas issues a challenge to the Horde leader and Dark Priest, hoping to end the debating, but things spin out of control. Samuel allies with the Half-breeds and nearly half the Circle follows him. Then Thomas seriously considers returning to Histories, if only he knew how. While in the Histories, this world, Kara Hunter and Monique de Raison are asked by a mind-reading, red-headed, young man to reveal a guarded secret that could prove disastrous.
A good book to wrap up the Circle Series or begin it!
Thank you Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger Program for the free copy of Green for my review.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Okay, so I'm a Book Review Blogger for Thomas Nelson Publishers. In exchange for 200 word reviews posted on my blog and a retailer website like Amazon, they send me free books. It's pretty cool. Anyway, I've received Green, by Ted Dekker. And right now I'm on page 248. It's good so far, so check back for a full review later.